After many hectic years in the business world, Yves suddenly turned to Petra and said: “I’m fed up with the life we are leading here!”

To which Petra answered: “So, where shall we go?”

The South of France was no option for them: too cold in winter and too commonplace; so many others would have gone before them. They wanted a favourable climate all year round, but on the other hand they didn’t want too big of a time difference with Belgium (to avoid jet lag).

After the turn of the century, in 2001, Yves and Petra took their first holiday in Kenya. So, was it love at first sight? Yes! With the country, the always good-natured population, the pleasant climate – in fact, with everything!

During a ride on a quad they came across a vacant plot of land along the coast of Diani Beach. No more than one year after their first visit to this amazing country, Petra and Yves became the proud owners of a two-hectare property located only 50 kilometres from Mombasa International Airport.

There was, however, one small twist: the property could only be reached from the beach. There were no roads or other accommodations nearby. All there was on the property was a jungle of plants and bushes. They literally had to cut themselves a path through the foliage to see how big the piece of land was that they had just bought.

After a few very difficult years in terms of both their professional and private lives the couple nevertheless succeeded in creating a luxury estate in this impenetrable jungle with respect for nature and mankind. This was the birth of the Zum Zum Beachhouse! This oasis of peace and luxury is surrounded by greenery with a big private beach along the Indian Ocean as the icing on the cake.

In 2020 the Zum Zum Beachhouse will be receiving its first visitors!

A warm welcome from Petra and Yves,

Hakuna Matata!