Measure your strength, agility and strategic insight with regard to these somewhat larger inhabitants of the Indian Ocean, such as the tuna, barracuda, or sea bream from the deck of a genuine Big Game Boat.

Whale sharks, sharks and dolphins will be keeping you company while you enjoy a fabulous day on the water. Kenya is well-known for the high quality of its Big Game Fishing.

Half-Day Big Game Fishing Trip (6 hours)

After your departure at 6:30 AM, the boat will be moored for a safety briefing by the crew before you leave the ‘mlango’, the Kiswahli word for door: the gateway to the open sea.

Depending on what you wish to catch, the captain will start by looking for schools of fish to be used as bait in order to secure the best chance of landing a big fish. Fresh bait is better than frozen, after all.

It will take the boat somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes to arrive at the fishing grounds, after which the lines will be selected by the crew and you can seriously start your big game fishing adventure.

When a fish is spotted, the crew will hook the fish for you or – depending on your level of skill as a fisherman – you can attempt to hook the fish by yourself and grapple with it until you get it onto the boat.

Once they are in the boat, the billfish are labelled and, after they have quieted down and you can be assured of their survival, you will have the opportunity of having your photo taken with the fish. The fish are then released, and the procedure repeated.

Coffee and tea are served together with some local delicatessen both shortly after leaving the beach and when you start fishing. Sandwiches are also available, as well as water and soft drinks.

You will generally return to the dock 6½ hours after departure, depending on the tide.

Full-Day Big Game Fishing (10 hours)

This version is almost identical as the half-day trip, but it will be easier to target Marlin because there will be more time for you to reach the middle of the Pemba Channel. The departure time for the full-day trip is also 6:30 AM

It will also be possible to fish for Broadbill Swordfish during the day. During this process, the boat will remain relatively stationary and the bait into which the hooks are inserted will be lowered to a depth of 500 m. This method has harvested considerable success along the Kenyan coast.

A full-scale sandwich lunch will be served during this trip, and, if you are fortunate enough to have caught a small fish in the morning, the crew will prepare a hot lunch on board.

You will return to the dock at 4:30 PM, just in time for a cool drink at the bar and to reminisce over the events of this marvellous day.